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Boost your product photos with our free AI photo editor.
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insMind is an AI-powered photo editing tool designed primarily for enhancing product images. It offers a suite of features including background removal, unwanted object erasure, and automated generation of new backgrounds.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, insMind promotes easy-to-use design features for both beginners and professionals, without any designated pre-training or learning costs.

This tool serves a wide range of design needs beyond product photography, catering to requirements like social media post transformations. It positions itself as a comprehensive solution for design needs offering a variety of AI-supported features.

insMind's utility spans from transforming product images to creating engaging social media posts. Customer support is accessible via email and through a support icon on the platform.

Added tutorials and blog resources provide users with further assistance and ideas.


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Pros and Cons


Product-focused editing
One-click background removal
Automated new backgrounds
Beginner-friendly design
Professional-level editing features
Supports wide range of designs
Email customer support
On-platform support icon
Provided tutorials
Blogger resources
Free tool access
Quick object erasure
Social media post transformations
Comprehensive design solution
Boosts product photographs
Precise automated background removal
100,000+ HD backgrounds
Faster image resizing
Realistic shadows and reflections
White background feature
Black background feature
Transparent background option
Pink, blue, green etc. backgrounds
FAQ section assistance
Versatile design application
User-friendly interface
Numerous free tools
Suitable for professionals
No pre-learning costs
Email for assistance
Focus on product images
Multiple language support
Covering diverse design needs
Smart Resize feature
Multimedia channel resizing
Accessible tutorials and blogs
Intuitive interface for beginners
Quick assist email support
Unique magic eraser feature
Automated backdrop generation


No offline version
No mobile application
Only email customer support
No real-time editing


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