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A complete Image Generation Studio empowering creators.
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Unbound AI is an advanced Image Generation Studio designed to empower creators. As a comprehensive tool, it's equipped to assist all sorts of creators and startups to develop high-quality images and graphic designs for their diverse projects.

Unbound 2.0, the latest model, is a blend of multiple diffusion models trained on varied image styles, ensuring versatile usage. The platform also offers an opportunity to the open-source community.

Every time a new model is released, the older version is made open-source and available for modification and usage by the community. In line with this belief, Unbound AI operates an Innovation Fund which developers can apply to by submitting their proposed trained models.

The winning model is chosen via a community-led voting process. Moreover, Unbound AI provides a unique feature which allows the minting of NFTs from artistic creations.

For creators interested in generating NSFW content, Unbound AI offers dedicated premium plans. To avoid misuse, creators are required to complete a KYC process.

The application also leverages its native coin, the $IMAGE token, for various ecosystem utilities like transaction fees, digital identities minting, and access to future developments such as Unbound Vision.


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