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Fusion Brain is an application that allows users to create and edit images using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The tool requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function.

Fusion Brain emphasizes responsible use of its platform and has implemented measures such as modern filters and moderation methods to prevent illegal or unethical usage of the software.

Users are expected to comply with the rules and restrictions specified in the User Agreement, which can be accessed on their website. Adherence to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the user's respective country, as well as compliance with ethical rules and standards, is also required.

The software should not be used for intentionally bypassing moderation mechanisms. The platform utilizes cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience, with details provided in the Privacy Policy.

Additionally, it is advised to review the terms outlined in the User Agreement. Fusion Brain warns that the generated content may be accessible to individuals who have reached the age of majority.

Fusion Brain was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 1st 2023.
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Oct 13, 2023
is API available to use?

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Pros and Cons


Advanced moderation methods
Modern filters implemented
Responsible use emphasized
Extensive User Agreement
Compliance with ethical standards
Strict usage rules
Prevents illegal use
Enhanced user experience
Utilizes cookies
Respects legislation of user's country
Detailed Privacy Policy
Age restriction for content


Requires JavaScript
User agreement restrictions
Possible legal limitations
Uses cookies
Ethical usage rules
Rigid moderation methods
Content age restriction
Russian Federation legislation compliance
Limited to ethical requests
Potential for cookie tracking


What is Fusion Brain?
How does Fusion Brain work?
Does Fusion Brain function without JavaScript enabled?
What moderation methods does Fusion Brain use?
What is the User Agreement for Fusion Brain?
Is there any country legislation that users of Fusion Brain need to adhere to?
What ethical rules and standards do Fusion Brain users need to follow?
Can Fusion Brain be used to bypass moderation mechanisms?
What are the privacy standards upheld by Fusion Brain?
What are cookies and how does Fusion Brain use them?
Does Fusion Brain have an age restriction?
Does Fusion Brain provide any image editing solutions?
How beneficial is Fusion Brain for artists and designers?
Why does Fusion Brain require users to agree to responsible use of their platform?
How do I download Fusion Brain?
Can content generated by Fusion Brain be used commercially?
Are there any limitations to the types of images Fusion Brain can generate or edit?
What's new in the latest version of Fusion Brain?
How to get started with Fusion Brain application?
Do I need any special hardware or software to run Fusion Brain?


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