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Stormi is a free AI-powered image generator called Imgurai. It allows users to effortlessly create unique and custom images. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate stunning and realistic images.

Users can easily generate images by simply clicking a button on the platform. The generated images are diverse and cover a wide range of subjects, including furry anime girl, Elsa the model, Jenna Ortega in latex, flying lions over Istanbul, and more.

Each image comes with a unique identifier, and users can view and download the images from the platform. Stormi AI offers a free plan that allows users to generate up to 25 images per month.

The images are available in a size of 256x256 pixels. For users who require more image generation capabilities, they have the option to upgrade to the pro plan for a fee of $5.99.

Upgrading to the pro plan provides additional benefits not specified in the text.


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