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The Adobe Firefly AI Art Generator is a tool that allows users to create images, vectors, videos, and 3D designs from text. It is designed to assist creators in expanding their natural creativity by using generative AI tools, specifically made for creative needs, use cases, and workflows.

Beta testers can use everyday language to generate unprecedented content quickly. Firefly allows users to experiment and make an infinite range of creations, including custom vectors, brushes, and textures from just a few words, sketches, or even mood boards.

Creators can simplify video editing and change the mood, atmosphere, or weather instantly. Firefly also offers users distinct content creation options for marketing and social media, such as creating unique posters, banners, and social media posts from a single line of text.

The tool offers future-forward 3D editing, including turning simple compositions into photorealistic images and quickly creating new styles and variations of 3D objects.

Adobe is committed to developing creative generative AI responsibly, with creators at the center of their mission to give creators every conceivable advantage – not just creatively, but also practically.

As Firefly evolves, Adobe intends to continue working closely with the creative community to build technology that supports and improves the creative process.


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