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Create default style images with dual language responses
GPT welcome message: 您好!需要風格建議或直接產生圖片嗎?
Sample prompts:
冬天雪景的村莊,雪花很小,發光的星星,藝術字體Merry Christmas
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Style Selector is a GPT designed to assist users in style and image generation in a bilingual format, responding to both English and Chinese inputs. It offers two primary services: providing style suggestions and directly generating images based on user prompts.

Users can interact with the tool by simply pasting their prompts. The prompts initiate specific actions. For instance, if a user is unsure about a particular style they like, they can input 'please give me a style suggestion' and the tool can provide a variety of style options they can choose from.

The GPT can be asked for image dimensions suggestions, as well as illustrative rendering of artistic typography or scenery such as 'winter village snow scene, small snowflakes, glowing stars'.

The GPT has the capabilities to suggest and produce images in various styles and dimensions as per the users requirements. Not limited to ordinary scenes, it can also create images that represent specific concepts or themes.

For instance, for a festive feel, users can input 'artistic font Merry Christmas' and it will generate typography in line with the given instruction.The tool is optimal for those seeking quick, linguistically adaptable design solutions.

Registration is required to use Style Selector and it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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