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Building controllable AI models for visual expression.
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NEX is a media technology company specializing in the development of controllable AI models for visualization and creative content creation. The platform allows users to generate, enhance, and tailor visual content to their preferences using multimodal models.

The platform provides the user with control over the outputs of AI models in relevant parameters like depth, color, and other multimodal conditions. Special features include multimodal prompting which enables users to generate more specific outputs using a combination of textual and image prompts.

The platform also has provisions for adjusting depth and color controls, upscaling and enhancing images, and storing, viewing, and sharing creative content.

A distinctive feature of NEX is the showcase which enables users to display their creative works and also derive inspiration from other creators. A simple and efficient user interface allows for ease of use and more time spent on the creative process.

NEXs unique model, PRIMUS, enables a high level of customization, including the alteration of color, structure, and semantics. NEX aims to enhance the traditional storytelling medium by using technology to create new ways of expression.


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