Image generation 28 Sep 2019
Interactive image generation from written sentences.

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RunwayML’s Generative Engine is an AI storytelling machine that can automatically generate synthetic images as users write words and sentences. It is powered by AttnGAN, an image generation model created by Tao Xu, et al.

and is open-source with an MIT license. It also integrates with, allowing users to explore more experiments and access additional features.

The Generative Engine provides users with a creative and unique way to explore the power of AI and artificial intelligence-generated images. As users write, the Generative Engine will generate synthetic images in real-time to provide an interactive, visual representation of the text written.

This tool is easy to use and provides a fun and creative way to explore the capabilities of AI.

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Pros and Cons


Generative storytelling
Interactive image generation
Open-source MIT license
Integration with
Real-time image generation
Easy to use
Built on AttnGAN
Link to more experiments
Synthetic image generation
Attribution to original model
Mobile compatible
Constant updates in images
Free to use
Rich reference and support
Access to additional features
Visual representation of written text
Constant enhancement and development
Active community on GitHub
Interactive and fun tool


Relies on specific wording
No editing features
No mobile application
Real-time generation may lag
Limited to RunwayML's database
Unknown image resolution
No offline mode
Only powered by AttnGAN
Lacks batch processing options
Unclear data privacy policy


What is the Generative Engine?
How does the Generative Engine work?
What is AttnGAN and how is it associated with the Generative Engine?
How does the Generative Engine generate synthetic images?
Does the Generative Engine generate images in real-time?
What is RunwayML’s Generative Engine’s relation to AttnGAN?
Can I use the Generative Engine on mobile?
How can I integrate the Generative Engine with
What are some of the experiments I can explore with Generative Engine?
Is the Generative Engine open-source?
Does the Generative Engine have an MIT license?
What is the role of AI in the Generative Engine?
How can I start using the Generative Engine?
What are the capabilities of the Generative Engine?
How interactive is the Generative Engine?
How is the Generative Engine a storytelling machine?
Is the Generative Engine user-friendly?
What does it mean that the Generative Engine generates images from written sentences?
How can Generative Engine enhance my creativity?
How is Tao Xu related to the making of the Generative Engine?

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