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Multilingual real-time chatbot for customer engagement.
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DeepBrain AI offers an AI Avatar solution called AI Human, designed to enhance customer engagement by providing cost-effective 24/7 services with a smile.

The AI Human not only sounds and looks like a real person, but it also projects the same familiarity. These AI avatars can take on various roles such as AI Retailer, AI Banker, and AITutor.

The company provides both 2D realistic and hyper-realistic 3D AI avatars that support real-time conversations with full HD quality. The AI avatars are always ready to listen and have the right answers with AI chatbots.

They can be found within a mobile app, web browser, kiosk, or deep inside the metaverse. DeepBrain AI offers easy integration with other chatbot builders such as Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson, enabling users to connect chatbot services to the AI Human using the Webhook method.

In addition to 2D AI Humans that speak native Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English, 3D Humans that speak more than 200 languages around the world can provide consulting services.

DeepBrain AI provides multiple language support, making it possible to take messages global with more than 55 languages available. The AI Human can be used across multiple industries such as Financial Services, Education, Retail, Media, and others.

The solution is easy and simple to make, enabling users to create a consultation project with just a few clicks and upload it to the desired web or app service.

DeepBrain AI provides a diverse cast of over 100 fully licensed AI avatars ready to support video productions. Custom avatars can be created anytime for celebrities, politicians, brand ambassadors, news anchors, and sports figures.


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AiHuman was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual real-time chatbot
2D and 3D avatars
Full HD quality chat
Easy integration with Dialogflow, IBM Watson
Supports 200+ languages
Cross-industry applications
Quick and easy setup process
Custom avatar creation
Multi-language capability of 55+
Bush button consultation project creation
Realistic and familiar projection
Accessible on mobile, web, kiosk
Operation in Metaverse
Enhances customer engagement
Full-time service, 24/7
Native language options
Custom avatars for brand ambassadors
Celebrity and politician custom avatars
Real-time conversation ability
Supports video productions
User-friendly interface


Limited integration options
No offline functionality
Possible language articulation issues
Restricted avatar personalization
No voice customization
No multi-platform support
Navigation can be complex
Limited non-human avatars
3D avatars not available yet


How does AI Human enhance customer engagement?
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How is the integration process with other chatbot builders like Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson?
What languages does 2D AI Human speak?
What is the range of languages spoken by 3D AI Human?
Can AI human be used across different industries like Financial Services, Education, Retail, Media, etc.?
How simple it is to create a consultation project with AI Human?
Is there a limit to the number of AI avatars that one can use?
What does it mean by 'fully licensed AI avatars'?
Can custom avatars be created for specific personalities?
Where can AI Human avatars be found?
What are the video production capabilities of AI Human?
What is the Webhook method for connecting chatbot services?
How can AI Human be used in the education industry?
Can AI Human solve customer problems in financial services?
What sort of support does DeepBrain AI offer for AI Human?
How can I create a custom Avatar with AI Human?
In what ways can AI Human be used in retail?
What is the availability and usability of AI Human in the metaverse?


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