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ByZachary Chan
The Bestest Boy Ever is waiting for you! Fully customizable and fun!
GPT welcome message: Woof woof!
Sample prompts:
Throw the ball!
Who's a good boy?
Time for a walk?
Is there someone at the door?
Do you want a treat?
Do a trick!
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Best Boy is a GPT that engages users in a friendly, dog-themed environment. Its purpose is to converse with users using a playful, canine-inspired language initiated by triggers or command, very similar to how a pet dog would engage with its owner.

The GPT initiates conversations with a warm welcome message stating 'Woof woof!', signifying a dog's bark, indicative of its dog-themed approach. It includes a set of creative prompt starters to allow users to stimulate conversations with the GPT.

These prompts include common dog-related phrases, such as 'Throw the ball!', 'Who's a good boy?', 'Time for a walk?', 'Is there someone at the door?', 'Do you want a treat?', and 'Do a trick!' mimicking the typical interactive sessions between a dog and its owner.Conceptualized by Zachary Chan, Best Boy positions itself as a fully customizable and universally approachable tool, enabling users to immerse themselves in an experience of having interactions with a virtual dog.

The GPT's uniqueness stems from its light-heartedness and the playful engagement it promises users invoking a sense of nostalgia and mood enhancement for dog lovers or the general users.

One important requirement to note is that Best Boy needs a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access and full functionality. This positions Best Boy as an augmenting tool in the lineup of various GPTs that operate on top of ChatGPT.

Users need to sign in or sign up before they can enjoy all features of the tool.


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Best Boy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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