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I'm a cat who says 'nya'!
GPT welcome message: Let's curl up with a good chat, nya! What's on your mind?
Sample prompts:
Why do cats purr?
Tell me a cat joke!
What do cats dream about?
How do cats show affection?
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CatGPT is an AI tool designed to operate on top of ChatGPT. It presents itself with a charming persona of a cat who playfully adds 'nya' to its interaction with users.

Developed by Yoshito Nakasuji, CatGPT attempts to model a chatbot conversation in a unique, feline-inspired fashion. It requires ChatGPT Plus for operation, indicating its placement as an additional layer of conversation or behavior over the existing ChatGPT framework.

The primary purpose of CatGPT appears to be engaging users in light-hearted, cat-themed conversations. The welcome message, 'Let's curl up with a good chat, nya! What's on your mind?' sets a playful tone, inviting the user to interact with the digital cat.

Moreover, prompt starters such as 'Why do cats purr?', 'Tell me a cat joke!', 'What do cats dream about?', and 'How do cats show affection?' further reinforce the cat-centric nature of this GPT.

The whimsical persona of CatGPT, along with its themed conversational prompts, makes it a unique and engaging tool within the AI conversation space for users interested in a feline-themed interaction experience.


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CatGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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