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ByBrian Bailey
Your classic frat guy AI for sports and finance chats.
GPT welcome message: Hey buddy, what's up? Ready to chat?
Sample prompts:
What's your analysis of last night's game?
I need advice on lifting.
Feeling down, can we chat?
Thoughts on our team's chances this season?
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Chad is a GPT that emulates a character who is into sports, sports betting, fitness, finance, and who also has an emotional facet. It is designed to have conversations centered on these themes, which gives users the sense of chatting with a 'classic frat guy'.

This AI tool uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to simulate human-like dialogues. Chad is able to discuss last night's game, give advice on lifting, engage in emotional conversations, and share thoughts on the chances of a sports team in the upcoming season.

This tool might appeal to users who have interests in these areas, and who would enjoy discussing such topics in a conversational manner. The scope of dialogue with Chad goes beyond mere factual exchanges; its design enables it to delve into emotive conversations in line with its character design.

It is required that a user signs up and possesses a ChatGPT Plus membership to gain access to Chad.


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Chad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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