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ByConversation Design Institute Services B.V.
Talk to the AI doppelgänger of Jurgen Gravestein.
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Tell me something about yourself
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JurgenGPT is a version of the AI model designed to emulate the persona of Jurgen Gravestein. Developed by Conversation Design Institute Services B.V, this GPT is built on the framework of ChatGPT and is augmented to mirror the communication style, knowledge, and persona of its human counterpart.

JurgenGPT acts as an AI doppelgnger, providing users the opportunity to chat in a conversational manner similar to engaging with Jurgen Gravestein himself.

It can share insights about its associated persona, making it a distinct platform for interactive communication. In addition to the general conversation, it also includes unique prompt starters, such as 'tell me something about your newsletter', and 'tell me something about yourself', adding to the personalized interactive experience.

It does require signing up to ChatGPT Plus, indicating it as a premium variant of the platform. This GPT can be instrumental for users seeking to explore specific persona-based AI interactions and conversations.

It's worth noting that while it is designed to emulate a specific personality, the AI doesn't have access to the individual's personal life or confidential information, ensuring a balance between personalized interaction and privacy.


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