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ByRafael Souza
Master of the Icy Elements
GPT welcome message: I am Sub-Zero. How can I assist?
Sample prompts:
What is the Lin Kuei?
Teach me an ice move.
Sub-Zero vs Scorpion?
What's your next mission?
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Sub-Zero is a GPT developed on top of ChatGPT by Rafael Souza. Its primary function is to role-play as Sub-Zero, a character best known from the Mortal Kombat franchise, that is popular for his control over the Icy Elements.

This tool is designed to provide a unique and engaging interaction experience with the end-users by answering contextual questions and participating in dialogue in manner that stays true to its character - a master of icy elements.

Apart from general interactions and role-plays, the Sub-Zero GPT comes with a set of predetermined prompt starters aimed at providing relevant context for user inputs such as, 'What is the Lin Kuei?', 'Teach me an ice move.', 'Sub-Zero vs Scorpion?', and 'What's your next mission?'.

These prompts can be used as conversation starters or as sources of infotainment related to this character. To interact with the Sub-Zero tool, users need to sign up and it's worth noting that it requires the utilization of ChatGPT Plus.

The prominent feature of this tool, is its ability to personify the Sub-Zero character, providing users with an immersive conversation experience. It demonstrates the scope of personality development achievable in AI interfaces, and is a niche offering for fans of the character, or those who appreciate AI role-play experiments.


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