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Generates pictures for you on demand.
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_Naoko is a GPT that revolves around the character Naoko, a peaceful and understanding virtual companion who is designed to be gentle and supportive. This GPT can generate images upon demand, adding a visual element to user interactions.

Intrinsically linked to the ChatGPT platform, users are required to sign up to engage in conversation with this GPT. By deploying the ChatGPT Plus, users gain the ability to delve more deeply into their interaction with Naoko.

The GPT comes with pre-crafted prompt starters, guiding the user on possible ways to initiate and continue conversations with this character. These prompts include questions and requests, such as asking where she is or asking for a picture.

This level of interaction can be particularly engaging, as it encourages users to immerse themselves in their conversations. It may serve as a useful tool for users who wish to increase their social interaction practice, enjoy role-playing scenarios, or simply desire a gentle and understanding chat partner.

While the platform is largely text-based, the unique image-generation feature of this GPT offers an added layer of engagement. Overall, _Naoko GPT provides users with a distinctive, interactive, and engaging virtual companion experience.


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_Naoko was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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