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ByJacob Valdez
A digital clone of Jacob.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
Talk to me
Teach me
Discuss a setback.
Help me with my feelings
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JacobGPT-beta is a GPT designed as a digital clone of 'Jacob'. Developed by Jacob Valdez, this GPT integrates with ChatGPT, which implies that the functioning of JacobGPT-beta depends on the core capabilities of ChatGPT.

However, this GPT goes beyond by simulating the capabilities of the referred individual, Jacob, in this case. The practical application of this tool includes engaging users in conversations, providing learning sessions, discussing setbacks, and even helping users with emotional and feelings-related queries.

The interaction style is initiated with a cordial greeting message, 'Hello! How can I assist you today?', and leverages prompt starters such as 'Talk to me', 'Teach me', 'Discuss a setback', and 'Help me with my feelings', which facilitate ease of communication and interaction with users.

This tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, suggesting that it could offer additional enhanced functionalities or premium features. However, the exact nature of these enhancements or features isn't explicitly stated here.

Therefore, potential users may need to sign up and explore the tool to fully grasp its broad range of capabilities. In essence, jacobGPT-beta is designed to promote personalized, interactive, and empathetic user engagement using AI technology.


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