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Versatile GPT with 150+ character roles
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Use /promptlist to see characters or /promptact to interact!
Sample prompts:
Activate a character with /promptact <number>
Try /promptact 60 for a unique role
Explore character 72 with /promptact 72
Engage with any of the 150+ roles
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Multiple GPT by GPT Jaguars is an advanced GPT application that allows for versatile dialogue simulations and interactions. This GPT is unique due to its ability to portray and embody more than 150 different character roles.

This functionality allows for an immersive conversational interface and enables a multitude of unique discussions. To facilitate user experience, this GPT includes a command called '/promptlist' which when used, unveils all the available character roles.

Another engaging feature of Multiple GPT by GPT Jaguars is the '/promptact' command followed by a number corresponding to a character. This command allows users to activate a conversation with a specific character, leading to a host of unique interactions.

This GPT application offers an expanded range of potential applications and novel uses, alongside enabling potentially enriching conversational experiments.

Users are required to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to utilize this application. As a community-built tool, Multiple GPT by GPT Jaguars represents a new era of digital conversational interfaces, offering the potential to engage with a large number of uniquely simulated characters.


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