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Engages, recommends personalized sales solutions.
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DaveAI offers AI Virtual Avatar, a tool that creates digital avatars powered by Empathetic AI technology. This virtual avatar serves as a virtual salesperson for brands and companies.

The avatars are designed to interact with customers in natural language, engaging them in conversations and understanding their preferences. They provide personalized recommendations through both speech and text, acting as a customer assistant.

DaveAI's virtual avatars mimic human sales brains, enabling them to talk to customers in a natural and human-like manner. One key feature is real-time tailored product and feature recommendations, allowing the avatars to provide specific suggestions based on customer needs.

Another feature is the ability to showcase products in 3D visualization, enhancing customer engagement and allowing for better product demonstrations.DaveAI also offers a customizable avatar library, where users can choose from a range of avatars or build their own to align with their brand and individual requirements.

The tool aims to increase customer engagement and optimize the product mix sold, leading to an increase in qualified leads.DaveAI's AI-powered virtual avatars find application in various industries, such as retail, banking, fashion, real estate, automobile, and education.

The tool has been endorsed by clients, such as Karnataka Bank, for enhancing customer experience and improving business performance.

DaveAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized sales solutions
Interacts in natural language
Customizable avatar library
Real-time product recommendations
Text and speech interface
3D product visualization
Enhances customer engagement
Optimized product mix
Increase in qualified leads
Wide application in industries
Endorsed by clients
Virtual salesperson
Mimics human sales brain
Visual feature demonstrations
Optimization of product sold
Website, kiosk, mobile applications
Custom-built avatar per brand
Communicates company values
Increases sales conversion
Optimizes brand presence
Improves customer retention


No explicit language support
Avatar design limitations
No transparency in technology
Lack of integration details
Doesn't mention data security
No offline mode
Single channel communication
Ambiguous performance metrics
Limited industry application details


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How does DaveAI improve customer experience through virtual avatars?
Does DaveAI offer product demonstrations through the virtual avatars?
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How is DaveAI's avatar different from a standard chatbot?
How does DaveAI contribute to optimize the product mix sold?

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