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Created videos for real estate properties.
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Centropo is an AI-powered video creation tool that helps real estate agents create professional-quality videos for their property listings. The tool aims to make the process of video creation quick, easy, and affordable by using AI technology to automatically generate a compelling video that highlights the key features of the property and uses the agent's description for voice-over.

To use the tool, all the user needs to do is provide a link to the property website or to the listing on any web-based real estate app, and the AI does the rest of the work.The videos created by Centropo are intended to capture the imagination of potential home buyers and engage them with the properties being marketed.

The company claims that videos are 1,200% more likely to accomplish this than still images. By using visually appealing and informative videos, real estate agents can stand out in a crowded market and beat the competition.Overall, Centropo offers real estate agents a simple and efficient solution to create high-quality videos that showcase their listings.

The tool is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, enabling users to quickly create videos that can be posted on social media to reach potential buyers and impress potential sellers with their marketing prowess.


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Centropo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specialized for real estate
High-quality video output
Streamlines marketing processes
Automatic video generation
Uses property website links
Uses agent's description voice-over
Simulates buyer's engagement
Stands out in market
User-friendly design
Facilitates social media posting
Saves time and money
Expands market reach
Helps attract potential sellers
Creates visually appealing videos
Designed for easy operation
Simple listing video process
Secure order processing
Ensures high video quality
Conforms to legal necessities
Implements privacy policies
Adheres to GDPR rules


Limited to real estate videos
No manual editing functions
Lacks voice-over customization
Depends on external links
No provided style templates
Not for personal use
Doesn't indicate video length
Unclear copyright policy
No offline functionality
No collaborative features


What is Centropo?
How does Centropo work?
What type of videos can Centropo create?
What do I need to provide to get a video from Centropo?
How can Centropo help me sell more houses?
Why should I use Centropo instead of creating my own property videos?
What makes Centropo's videos engaging for potential buyers?
How is Centropo affordable compared to traditional real estate video creation?
Can I use Centropo to create videos for my social media accounts?
Is Centropo user-friendly for beginners?
Does Centropo only use property website data to generate videos?
Does Centropo provide a voice-over feature for the videos?
Are there any specific system requirements to use Centropo?
Does Centropo have a mobile app?
Can Centropo work with all web-based real estate apps?
How quickly can I get a video from Centropo after submitting my listing?
Does using Centropo require any video editing skills?
What if I'm not satisfied with the video Centropo creates?
Can I customize the video created by Centropo?
Can I preview the video before it's finalized by Centropo?

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