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Epique AI is a multi-purpose artificial intelligence tool tailored for real estate professionals. Epique AI's key functionalities span across several areas contributing to a more efficient and sophisticated real estate experience.

These functionalities include automated generation of realtor biographies and real estate blog posts, text-to-image synthesis, and customizing property descriptions.

A unique offering of Epique AI is the generation of industry-relevant Instagram quotes, providing additional social media content for agents. Furthermore, Epique AI facilitates lead generation idea automation, helping realtors identify potential opportunities.

For realty agents associated with the Epique network, there are additional exclusive features. These consist of Broker Advice AI that harnesses AI capabilities to provide advice similar to a traditional broker, and Legal AI which navigates state laws and regulations.

Another feature exclusive to Epique Realty agents is the Transaction AI, which provides assistance with forms and transactional tasks. Examples provided indicate the tool's ability to generate detailed descriptions and helpful content for properties and sales strategies.

Epique AI aims at enhancing sales effort, content generation and transactional efficiency in the real estate industry.


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Epique AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates real estate blog posts
Creates real estate newsletters
Provides lead generation ideas
Generates Instagram quotes for realtors
Generates realtor biographies
Transactional assistance features
Offers legal aid for state regulations
Simple chat interface
Image generation capabilities
12-touch email campaigns creation
Property description generation
Text-to-image synthesis
Lead generation idea automation
Exclusive features for Epique network
Detailed property description generation
Sales strategy assistance
Enhances sales effort efficiency
Improves content generation
Transactional efficiency improvement
Can provide realtor Instagram quotes
Automates biography generation
Provides assistance with forms
Handles transactional tasks
Provides state law navigation


Limited to real estate industry
No multi-language support
Exclusive features for Epique agents
Potentially inaccurate legal advice
Dynamic content quality uncertainty
Chat interface may limit capabilities
No specified customization level
Unverified broker advice reliability
No API mentioned


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