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Insights and personalized interactions for businesses.
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Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence software that helps turn customer data into valuable business insights. The software provides AI-generated emails, conversations, and offers based on real-time data, which can help personalize customer interactions.

It also offers insights across different departments such as sales, service, marketing, and commerce which are embedded within the flow of work, thus increasing productivity.

With low-code tools, users can create custom predictions and recommendations without the need for a data scientist. Salesforce Einstein also powers Customer 360, a solution that integrates customer data from different departments, providing a complete view of the customer.

With AI for sales and CRM, the solution can guide sellers from prospect to close, while the conversational intelligence can help forecast accurately with real-time data, and accelerate time to close.

For service, Einstein can boost agent productivity, personalize every customer interaction with built-in AI, and scale service across every channel with Einstein bots.

For Commerce, Einstein helps grow businesses faster by providing intelligent product recommendations, tailor-made product sorting, and meaningful search results.

Salesforce Einstein is suitable for businesses looking for AI-powered insights into their customers, providing an increase in productivity and ultimately driving sales.


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Einstein GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates business tasks
Personalizes customer interactions
Real-time data usage
Cross-department insights
Work-flow embedded insights
Increases productivity
Low-code tools for customization
No data scientist requirement
Enables custom predictions
Enables tailored recommendations
Complete customer view
Guides sellers through sales process
Real-time forecasting
Accelerates closing time
Boosts agent productivity
Scales service across channels
Uses Einstein bots
Provides intelligent product recommendations
Tailored product sorting
Enhanced search results
Facilitates business growth
Suitable for business insights
Automates analytics in Tableau
Faster value time
Generates data-based predictions
Powers Customer 360
Integrated customer data from all departments


Not easily customizable
Complex to setup
Limited custom predictions
Requires customer data integration
Limited to Salesforce data
Offers no free tier
Expensive for small businesses
Potential privacy concerns
Limited chat bot abilities

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