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AI Actions is a tool that provides additional AI-related actions for the Shortcuts app. It allows users to enhance their Shortcuts app experience by integrating AI functionality such as interacting with the ChatGPT API and other AI-related capabilities.

To use the app, users are required to specify their own OpenAI API key, ensuring personalized and secure access to AI services. The macOS version of the app is currently not available on the App Store due to review difficulties, but users can download it from an alternative source for now.

The tool addresses common queries through its Frequently Asked Questions section, where users can find information about feature requests, bug reports, and sending feedback.

Notably, the developer opted to keep these AI actions separate from their existing Actions app to ensure availability in China, where Apple restricts AI-related functionality.

AI Actions is offered free of charge and is supported by the passion of its developer, who enjoys creating apps. Users are encouraged to leave positive reviews on the App Store as a token of appreciation.

The changelog, detailing updates and improvements, can be found on the App Store page. However, the app is not currently localized into different languages.

Overall, AI Actions is a valuable tool for users of the Shortcuts app seeking to leverage AI capabilities in their workflows.


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