Task automation 03 Mar 2023
ChatGPT linked with 5k+ apps via no-code platform.

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ChatGPT Integrations is an AI tool that enables users to connect the ChatGPT platform with over 5,000 other apps on Zapier. This integration allows for the automation of work for users of the ChatGPT platform, regardless of their level of technical expertise, as no coding is required.

The Zapier automation platform provides a simplified user interface with a vertical menu of platform options and a button to create 'Zaps', along with a stack of menu icons to represent the dashboard, Zaps, and Transfers.

Through ChatGPT Integrations, users can streamline team communications and drive scalable growth while focusing on what matters the most with the AI tool's no-code automation capabilities.

The tool offers a range of app integrations, including Discord, Facebook Messenger, ClickUp, and more, allowing users to pair ChatGPT with other apps specific to their unique needs.

ChatGPT Integrations can help businesses of any size, from startups to enterprises, manage internal processes, customer communications, data management, and lead management, among other workflows.

It offers a free forever plan for core features and a 14-day trial for premium features and apps. Overall, ChatGPT Integrations is a valuable AI tool for professionals looking to save time and streamline their work processes by easily integrating different apps with the ChatGPT platform.

Zapier was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


5k+ app integrations
No-code automation
Simplified user interface
Suitable for all business sizes
Integrations with major platforms (Discord, ClickUp)
Free forever plan for core features
14-day trial for premium features
Helps manage customer, internal processes
Task automation abilities
Data and lead management features
Various templates for automation
Automatically generate text responses
Supports collaboration tools (Slack, Teams, Notion)
Supports marketing tools (Facebook Messenger, Manychat)
Supports project management tools (ClickUp, Airtable)
Supports CRM (Recruit CRM)
Supports spreadsheet tools (Excel)


No coding might limit customizability
Reliant on Zapier platform
Premium features not free
Short trial period for premium
User interface complexity
Not all apps might integrate
Limited automation capabilities
Memory key needed for continuation
Limited response time


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What are 'Zapier Tables' and 'Zapier Interfaces' in the ChatGPT Integrations context?

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