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Automated conversational employee support platform.
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Moveworks is a conversational AI platform designed to automate employee support and maximize productivity. With its advanced large language models, such as GPT-3, Moveworks enables employees to connect with enterprise systems and resolve issues, as well as prevent problems at work.

Its automation capabilities can help reduce costs while improving the employee experience. The platform offers solutions for different teams, including IT, HR, finance, facilities, and employee communications, and can be used for various use cases such as HR service desk, identity access management, IT service desk, IT service management, and knowledge management across many industries.

Moveworks provides multiple features, such as employee experience insights, multilingual support, performance dashboards, triage, and integration partners.

Its experiences include answers, approvals, concierge, employee communications, control center, groups access, and software access. Moveworks also offers insights into service desk performance by automatically analyzing unstructured language in ticket data.

Moveworks has been trusted by CIOs and employee experience leaders to prioritize high-impact automation projects that uncover insights and optimize service desk performance.

It has been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave, Chatbots for IT Operations Q4 2022 Report. Moveworks' automation solutions are used by many organizations, including Luminis Health, Broadcom, and Stitch Fix.

Moveworks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated conversational employee support
Large language model usage
Connects employees to systems
Issue resolution and prevention
Reduced costs
Improves employee experience
Solutions for many teams
HR service desk usage
Identity access management
IT service management
Versatile in industries
Employee Experience Insights
Multilingual support
Performance dashboards
Triage Integration partners
Unstructured language analysis
Prioritizes high-impact projects
Moveworks API
Employee Communications
Groups Access
Software Access capabilities
Concierge service
Control Center solution
Employee Onboarding feature
Forrester Wave Leadership
Used by renowned organizations
Enterprise answers feature
Interactive Employee Communications
Semantic search techniques
Combined federated knowledge
Craft directive communications
Answers common HR questions
Pre-trained with proprietary dataset
Centralized knowledge base
Daily model refresh
Message-driven actions
Improved service desk performance
Automates 75% IT issues
Supports HR at scale
Unlocked productivity
Turns requests into actions
Significant incident reduction
Automated support
Eliminates 75% help desk load
Internal communications solution
Facilities management capability
Finance team solutions
API documentation
System status updates
Resource Center availability


Limited machine learning models
Complex UI navigation
Could take weeks to deploy
Reliant on daily model refreshes
Limited to 30+ enterprise systems
Restricted language support
Non-real time employee communication
Reliant on unstructured language analysis
Limited to predefined use cases


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