Task automation 20 Sep 2022
Augment AI
Personalized assistance for enhanced productivity.

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Augment is a personalized AI assistant that aims to boost productivity and efficiency by providing an immersive experience across different platforms. It automatically saves and summarizes information from native apps, web pages, and meeting audio.

Augment uses this data to create deeply personalized content that sounds like you and anticipates your needs. Augment's aim is to always be there when you need it, within your workflows, and working with any other applications.

It effortlessly crafts emails and messages with your tone of voice, takes notes during meetings, creates agendas, recalls anything you've seen, heard, or said, and even brainstorms with you.

Augment emphasizes the importance of privacy and security and ensures that users are always in control of their data, never sharing information without permission and maintaining SOC2 Type 2 compliance.

Designed for MacOS, it works across all your apps, not only webpages, and is controlled by a simple ## shortcut. It's a game-changing productivity tool powered by AI that learns from you, remembers, anticipates and gets things done for you.

By providing a highly personalized and context-aware interface with the data you need, Augment aims to make it easier for you to have more time for the things that matter the most.

Augment AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Task automation
Personalized assistance
Cross-platform compatibility
Saves and summarizes information
Deeply personalized content creation
Works with existing applications
Crafts personalized emails
Takes meeting notes
Creates agendas
Recalls past information
Brainstorming assistance
User-controlled privacy and security
SOC2 Type 2 compliance
Designed for MacOS
Works across all apps
Controlled by ## shortcut
Anticipates user needs
Consistent memory recall
Context-aware interface
Remembers user data
No additional data entry
Seamless work integration
Easy file sharing
Enterprise-level security
OS expansion plans
Writes in user’s voice


Designed only for MacOS
No real-time collaboration
Complex integration with apps
Limited accessibility options
Dependent on ## shortcut
No native mobile support
Unproven effectiveness in brainstorming
No public API
Limited personalization options
Restricted Content Generation Capabilities


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Can Augment AI brainstorm with me?
What measures does Augment AI take to ensure privacy and security?
Does Augment AI comply with SOC2 Type 2?
Is Augment AI designed for MacOS?
Can Augment AI work with other applications?
What is the ## shortcut in Augment AI?
Does Augment AI support all my apps or just the webpages?
How does Augment AI save and summarize information from different sources?
Can Augment AI automatically save content from native apps and web pages?
Does Augment AI provide a personalized and context-aware interface?
How does Augment AI anticipate my needs?
How do I get early access to Augment AI?
Is there Windows and Android support for Augment AI?
What privacy controls does Augment AI offer to its users?

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