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AI-powered voice assistant for clinicians
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Suki AI is an AI-powered voice assistant geared towards clinicians. Its primary function is to lighten the administrative load on healthcare providers, thus enabling them to concentrate more on patient care.

Suki AI integrates deeply with various Electronic Health Records (EHR) platforms, including Athena, Cerner, Epic, and Meditech. Suki AI provides notable features such as ambient note generation and dictation.

It also offers code recommendations and can respond to queries, all in a single solution. The tool is compatible across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, web, and desktop applications.

Suki AI prides itself on its extensive EHR integration capabilities, incorporating up-to-date dynamic data and blending note content. It is designed to provide a safe environment, with measures in place to minimize bias and hallucinations, with all content being reviewed by clinicians before being sent to the EHR.

The AI assistant is also SOC2 Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, Suki AI is capable of scaling to suit large health systems, providing reliable and dependable support regardless of the number of clinicians.

It provides 24/7/365 support, requiring minimal resources from the user's organization. It is also reported to help contribute to incremental revenue in various ways, such as through higher reimbursements to additional encounters.

Lastly, Suki AI supports bidirectional, read/write capabilities with all leading EHR platforms and strives to provide ultimate convenience and flexibility for clinicians during documentation.


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Suki was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for healthcare professionals
Automating administrative tasks
Capable of taking dictation
Creates comprehensive notes
Selects diagnosis codes
Retrieves patient information
Reduces documentation time
Requires fewer edits
Works on any device
Integrates with popular EHRs
Free 15-day trial
Ambient note generation
Offers code recommendations
Handles queries
Cross-platform compatibility
Enhanced data security
Scales for large health systems
24/7/365 support
Contributes to incremental revenue
Bidirectional, read/write capabilities
SOC2 Type 2 certified
HIPAA compliant
Deep EHR integration
Minimizes bias and hallucinations
Content reviewed by clinicians
Bidirectional EHR capabilities
Supports multiple EHR platforms
Hassle-free implementation
Quick return on investment
Ambient documentation
ICD-10 and HCC coding capabilities
Blend note content
Pull dynamic data
Suki serves large health systems
All-in-one solution
Extensive EHR integration
Safe environment for use
Minimal resources needed
Reliable and dependable support


Only for healthcare professionals
Limited to selected EHRs
Notes reviewed by clinicians
15-day free trial only
Requires internet access
Less features on other platforms
Implementation needs organization resources
Biased towards large health systems
Limited billing code recommendations


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