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Healthcare operations and patient care platform.
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Athelas is a software tool used by thousands of healthcare organizations to improve various aspects of their operations. It offers three main functionalities: Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Scribe, and Patient Care.

The RCM module helps healthcare providers streamline their financial workflows, allowing them to focus on patient care. It provides automated workflows and real-time insights, which can lead to increased revenue.

Users can access key business insights, such as daily earnings, denial sources, and changes in payer and procedure mix.The Scribe module is a state-of-the-art transcription service designed for doctors.

It uses AI technology to automatically record, transcribe, and synthesize insights from patient conversations. This helps doctors save time on documentation and enables them to generate real-time clinical documentation.

The module also facilitates the creation of various documents, such as denial appeals letters, authorization requests, and referral letters.The Patient Care module enables healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely using internet-connected smart devices.

It offers a suite of devices and software tools for monitoring and analyzing patient data. Through AI-powered analysis, healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into patient health and provide better care.Athelas is praised by clients for its efficiency and its ability to optimize processes.

It has been particularly effective in reducing the burden associated with blood draw regimens for clozapine patients, generating laboratory-accurate results in minutes.

It has also improved the patient experience by allowing doctors to actively listen to patients without worrying about documentation.Overall, Athelas is a comprehensive tool that aims to modernize healthcare operations, improve revenue cycles, automate documentation, and enhance patient care through the integration of AI technology and innovative features.


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