Health 04 May 2022
Produces live summaries from medical conversations.

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Abridge is a medical AI tool that structures and summarizes medical conversations for providers, patients, and enterprises in any location where care is provided.

Abridge's ambient AI technology instantly summarizes medical conversations and creates clinical documentation. It helps healthcare providers banish doctor burnout and improves their note-taking capability, allowing physicians to focus on patients while creating better notes faster.

Abridge provides end-to-end integrations with top EHRs, including EPIC integration, lightweight HL7 options, and works directly from its API. The technology uses machine learning to generate complete SOAP note drafts, and the AI system safeguards both providers and patients by focusing on metrics such as causality, fairness, and transparency.

The technology helps with audio capture, transcription, EHR integration, and summarization, among others. Additionally, it is HIPAA compliant and follows industry best practices to protect patient information.

Abridge's consumer application is highly rated and improves patient understanding and engagement regarding their health by providing next steps they can revisit whenever required.

The technology is cost-effective and preferred by smart CMIOs, and its deep workflow integration, auditable AI, clinician-led model, cost-effective, patient-centered, and 100% tech, making it an ideal choice for medical AI solutions.

Abridge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Live summaries from medical conversations
Structured medical conversation data
Works in any care providing location
Prevents doctor burnout
Improves note-taking capabilities
Direct integration with top EHRs
EPIC integration
Lightweight HL7 options
API direct usage
Machine learning generated SOAP note drafts
Focus on causality metrics
Focus on fairness metrics
Focus on transparency metrics
Handles audio capture
Handles transcription
Summarization capabilities
Risk management capabilities
HIPAA compliant
Industry best practice for data protection
Highly rated consumer app
Improves patient understanding
Improves patient engagement
Reusable next steps for patients
Cost-effective solution
Deep workflow integration
Clinician-led model
Patient-centered approach
Saves doctors' time
Preferred by CMIOs
Reduced follow-up questions
Helps in coding at higher levels
Accurate information capture


Limited to English language
Requires High-Quality Audio
Specifically designed for Health-care
Cannot handle complex conversations
Dependent on EHR integrations
Fairness metric might be biased
Not suitable for Non-medical industries
Works primarily with top EHRs
No offline mode


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How does Abridge help in preventing doctor burnout?
What EHRs does Abridge integrate with?
What is the function of Abridge's machine learning technology?
How does Abridge ensure the safety of providers and patients?
What does Abridge's consumer application do?
How is Abridge a cost-effective solution in healthcare?
How does Abridge help to improve patient understanding and engagement?
What is the key role of Abridge's deep workflow integration?
How does Abridge fit into health system delivery experiences?
What are the primary features of Abridge's AI-backed products for healthcare conversations?
How can Abridge save doctors two hours per day on average?
What is the process of connecting directly to Abridge's API?
How does Abridge ensure HIPAA compliance and patient data protection?
What are the features of Abridge's machine learning that safeguards providers and patients?
What additional benefits do patients get from using the Abridge app?
Can Abridge help with the paperwork and note-taking in clinical settings?

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