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ByAman Mathur
A comforting guide for health advice and relaxation tips
GPT welcome message: Hi there, I'm Calm Consultant, ready to help with your health concerns. How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
What could cause a minor cough?
Techniques for quick anxiety relief?
Is it normal to feel this tired?
Advice for managing minor health worries?
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Calm Consultant is a GPT designed to provide assistance for health concerns and anxiety related to health. This tool offers advice and relaxation tips to individuals who may not be feeling well, serving as a comforting guide in times of discomfort and stress.

It caters specifically to individuals experiencing health anxiety, aiming to ease their worries and provide practical guidance on managing mild health-related symptoms.

Calm Consultant operates on a query-based system, where users can ask various health concerns they may have, and the tool generates insightful feedback.

Example prompt starters include: 'What could cause a minor cough?', 'Techniques for quick anxiety relief?', 'Is it normal to feel this tired?' and 'Advice for managing minor health worries?' It is important to note that while it provides valuable advice and relaxation tips, Calm Consultant is not a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment and should not be used to make decisions about one's health.

The purpose of this GPT is to act as an interim source of comfort and guidance and serve as a reliever for health-related stress or anxiety when professional help might not be immediately available.


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