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Revolutionizing healthcare with AI-driven clinical notes generation.
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Astra Health offers AI-driven solutions that are changing the landscape of healthcare provision, centralizing their functionality around the streamlining of clinical notes generation.

It employs generative AI techniques to draft clinical notes, facilitating them for physicians within seconds following patient-clinician interactions.

This approach radically improves the efficiency and accuracy of task documentation, allowing healthcare professionals more time to concentrate on patient care, thus reducing instances of professional burnout.

A key feature involves the AI tool transforming spoken consultation content into an AI-generated transcript, serving as a base for efficient record-making.

The tool also assists medical scribes by providing them the AI-generated notes, along with the audio from the consultation, to expedite the documentation process.

With its capability to automatically generate patient-friendly consultation recaps, the tool enhances the patient's ability to recall important details from the consultation.

Astra Health focuses on transforming healthcare to be more efficient, easily accessible, and centered on patient needs, ultimately aiming to improve doctor-patient communication, minimize burnout, and foster superior care outcomes.


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Pros and Cons


Generates clinical notes
Streamlines note-taking process
Medical scribe assistance
Generates patient-friendly recaps
`Concentrate more on patient care
Minimizes professional burnout
Speedy record-making
Improves doctor-patient communication
Encourages meaningful patient-clinician interactions
Enhances clinical productivity
Facilitates recall of consultation details
Reduces documentation time
Boosts medical scribe workflow efficiency
Enhances value of consultations
Improves documentation quality
Creates personable clinician-patient experience
Fosters patient-centred healthcare
Transforms healthcare provision
Saves time in appointments
Significant reduction in burnout feelings
Increases job satisfaction for physicians
Improves doctors' time management
Increases patient engagement
Supports superior care outcomes


Not multilingual
Lack of customization
Potential privacy issues
May miss nuance in conversations
Dependent on audio quality
No offline mode
Lack of integrations with EHRs
Requires good internet connection
May not understand medical jargon
No manual override for errors


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How is Astra Health aiding in patient care?
What kind of user feedback has Astra Health received?
How does Astra Health foster superior care outcomes?
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