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Summarize scientific publications for students.
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Notedly is an AI-powered tool that helps students save time by automatically generating notes from assigned readings. It is designed to help students quickly and efficiently understand complex content, allowing them to spend their nights socializing instead of note taking.

The tool works by uploading a scientific publication, such as a textbook chapter, news article, or research paper, and then allowing Notedly to scan the material and take notes on it for the user.

The notes are generated in seconds and are written in a simple-to-read language that helps students comprehend the material. Notedly also offers an example summary of a news article, academic paper, or textbook chapter, as well as the ability to paste homework to auto generate notes.

With Notedly, users can save hours per week of reading time without sacrificing their grades.

Notedly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates notes automatically
Saves hours of reading
Simplifies complex content
Facilitates faster studying
Scans any reading material
Offers example summaries
Handles academic papers
Summarizes news articles
Operates on textbook chapters
Accepts pasted homework
Lowers stress levels
Supports extensive readings
Delivers rapid results
No account required for first use
Assists in content comprehension
Can use for research papers
Effective for page-long assignments
Quick reflection tool
Facilitates socializing time
Bridges university issues
Reduces time on assignments
Easy login process
Tool for comprehensive understanding
Conducive for news article summarization
Ideal for quick paragraph writing
Helps to tackle multiple assignments
Condensed notes generation
Substitute for manual note-taking
User-friendly interface
Useful for study groups
Facilitates understanding of academic texts
Direct scanning of textbook chapters
Reduction in study pressure
Useful for last-minute studying
Offers trial without account
Multifunctional note taking tool
Streamlines study schedules
Grades improvement
Saves study time
Useful for cramming sessions
Suitable for any paper length
Aids in homework completion
Enable faster assignment submission
Improved academic productivity
Supports active studying
Ideal for busy students
Speeds up document parsing
Useful for scholarly articles
Boosts study efficiency
Helps retain more information


Lacks offline functionality
No multi-device synchronization
No API for developers
No collaborative functionality
No visual/interactive notes support
Limited languages comprehension
No integration with external tools
Requires internet connection
Potential privacy concerns
Lacks user-customizable settings


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How does Notedly work?
What kind of documents can be uploaded to Notedly?
Does Notedly offer any examples of summaries?
Can I paste my homework into Notedly?
How quickly does Notedly generate notes?
What level of understanding can I expect from the notes Notedly produces?
What is the language complexity of the notes produced by Notedly?
How much time can I save using Notedly every week?
Can anyone start using Notedly without an account?
Can Notedly help me understand complex academic text?
Do I need to download or install Notedly?
Does Notedly support only English, or other languages as well?
Is Notedly free or do I need to subscribe?
What's the data privacy policy of Notedly?
Can Notedly be used on mobile devices?
Why was Notedly developed?
How does Notedly affect my study routine?
Is there a user guide I can read before using Notedly?
Does Notedly offer enterprise packages?

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