Converts slides to notes.

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SlideNotes is a tool designed to automatically convert slide presentations into written notes. By simply uploading a PowerPoint or PDF file, SlideNotes generates a corresponding set of text notes that can be easily reviewed and shared.

This is particularly useful for those who prefer to read and reference information in textual format rather than relying solely on visual aids.SlideNotes is touted for being a fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tool.

It offers a quick solution to creating concise notes from lengthy slides, making it an ideal tool for students, educators, and business professionals alike.

The tool is capable of identifying important keywords and phrases in the presentation and summarizing them in a logical, coherent manner in the generated notes.Overall, SlideNotes helps to streamline the process of creating usable notes from presentations, ultimately saving time and improving productivity.

Its ability to convert multiple file formats and its user-friendly interface make it a valuable addition to anyone's toolkit.

SlideNotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Paula Vergara
· Jul 2, 2023
The website asks you for a phone number located only in the US. No choice but to select another location. I can't make an account and login because of that.

Pros and Cons


Converts PowerPoint to text
Converts PDF to text
Automatically generates text notes
Identifies important keywords
Logical summary of slides
Multifile format conversion
User-friendly interface
Saves time
Improves productivity
Ideal for educators
Ideal for business professionals
Ideal for students
Easy to review
Easy to share
Streamlines note creation
Readable notes generation
Fast processing
Comprehensive conversion


Limited to .pptx and .pdf
Requires enabled JavaScript
Lacks mobile application
No offline functionality
No machine learning customization
Can't handle image-based slides
Potential issues with complex layouts
No multi language support
No integration with cloud storage
Lacks automatic update feature


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How to get started with SlideNotes?
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Is SlideNotes a fast tool?
What does it mean that SlideNotes is comprehensive?
Does SlideNotes work with PDF files?
How does SlideNotes streamline the note-making process?
Can SlideNotes handle PowerPoint presentations?
In what manner does SlideNotes summarize the slides?
Is JavaScript required to run SlideNotes?
How does SlideNotes turn slides into text?
Can I login to the SlideNotes?

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