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Boosted note-taking and meeting productivity.
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Noota is an AI-powered meeting assistant tool that offers automated note-taking and generates custom meeting reports to help professionals save time during meetings.

The tool has features such as meeting screen recording, real-time guidance, conversation intelligence, AI meeting notes & summary, and transcription generator.

With Noota, users can capture every meeting and keep their CRM up-to-date, turn calls into business intelligence, and achieve more efficient and effective meeting outcomes.

Noota is available for free, and users can sign up without a credit card. The tool is designed to serve several use cases, including Sales, Academic & Research, Recruiting, Management, Consulting & Call Center, Media & Podcasting, and Medical & Doctors.

For instance, in the case of Sales, Noota allows users to send meeting notes to their CRM, train their team, and close more deals quickly. For Academic & Research, Noota is useful in transcribing interviews quickly, editing, highlighting, and tagging to capture the vital insights needed.

Noota can also be used in screening candidates during recruitment while generating business intelligence for informed decision-making during Management, among other uses.

Overall, Noota offers a useful meeting assistant tool that can make taking notes both effortless and efficient. With its real-time guidance, it helps users stay focused during meetings and provides a quick summary of meeting outcomes.

This could improve team productivity and help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently.

Noota was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free to use
No credit card required
Automated note-taking
Custom meeting reports
Real-time guidance
Meeting screen recording
Conversation intelligence
CRM integration
Turns calls into business intelligence
Serves variety of industries
Not just for meetings
Generates transcription
Useful for Sales teams
Useful for academics and research
Useful for recruiting purposes
Useful for management
Useful for podcasting
Highlights and tags insights
CRM always up to date
Searchable meeting notes
Automatic meeting summary
Transcribes calls in minutes
Handles webinar recording
Real-time coaching
Custom summary templates
Translation in 30+ languages
Collaborative mode for teams
Handles various audio and video formats
Multiple export options
Topic and sentiment analysis feature
Screen capture capability
Distills key topics from meetings
Useful for job interviews


Limited number of transcriptions
High dependency on CRM
Limited storage on free version
No offline functionality
Potentially inaccurate transcriptions
Limited browser extension compatibility
Subscription needed for advanced features
No multi-language support in free version
Limited translation languages
Business package billed annually only


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