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Hackercast is an AI-generated podcast summary of the popular tech news aggregator site, Hacker News. The tool scrapes the Hacker Newsletter for articles and uses Langchain and GPT-4 to summarize them.

The summarized text is then turned into speech using AWS Polly to generate the podcast episodes. The tool aims to provide an easy-to-digest summary of Hacker News content, particularly for users who may not have the time to read the website's newsletter themselves.

The creator notes that while the tool produces high-quality summaries, some issues remain, particularly with summaries of Github pages which can sometimes be strange and repetitive.

The tool also does not include forum posts and comments or video links, which may be added in the future. Overall, Hackercast is a handy tool for those interested in Hacker News but may not have the time to keep up with its content.

It allows for a quick summary of articles in audio format, making it accessible for users on-the-go. The tool is not affiliated with Hacker News, Y Combinator, or the Hacker Newsletter, and the creator welcomes feedback and suggestions to improve its functionality.

Hackercast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Scrapes Hacker Newsletter
Uses Langchain and GPT-4
Generates written summaries
Speech conversion with AWS Polly
Quick and easy digestion
Catered to audio learners
Time-efficiency for busy users
Open to improvement suggestions
Quality of summaries impressive
Beneficial for on-the-go users
Not affiliated with Hacker News
Skips forum posts and comments
Excludes video links


Strange, repetitive Github summaries
No forum posts included
No video links included
No affiliation with sources
Inaccessible MP3 downloads
Excludes certain articles
Dependent on AWS Polly
Reliant on Hacker Newsletter


What is Hackercast?
How does Hackercast generate podcast summaries?
Who is responsible for creating Hackercast?
Does Hackercast only summarize articles from HackerNews?
What AI technologies does Hackercast use for summarization?
Why does Hackercast target the Hacker Newsletter for its content?
How does Hackercast convert text summaries into audio format?
What are some noted issues with Hackercast's summarization capabilities?
Does Hackercast also summarize forum posts and comments from Hacker News?
What content does Hackercast currently ignore during summarization?
Why do some of the summaries produced by Hackercast sound strange or repetitive?
What improvements are being planned for future versions of Hackercast?
Is the Hackercast affiliated with Hacker News, Y Combinator, or the Hacker Newsletter?
Where can users provide feedback or suggestions for Hackercast?
What kind of users would find Hackercast beneficial?
Is Hackercast appropriate for users on the go?
Are there any possible additions to the type of content Hackercast may cover in the future?
How often does Hackercast release new podcast episodes?
Can users download Hackercast podcast episodes?
Is the Hackercast creator open to making adjustments based on user feedback and suggestions?

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