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Concise AI is an AI-powered tool that provides a daily summary newsfeed on current topics in various fields, including Artificial Intelligence, Science, Technology, Business, and Economics.

The tool aims to help users stay updated with the latest news and trends in these fields while saving them time by providing a condensed summary. The tool requires users to sign up or log in to access the news summaries.

It also utilizes cookies and similar technologies to ensure technical functionality and, with user consent, to measure and personalize ads. Users have the option to deny or withdraw consent at any time.

Concise AI focuses on providing condensed news summaries rather than full-length articles, making it a useful tool for individuals who want to stay up-to-date but do not have the time to read extensive news articles.

The use of AI also ensures that the tool provides a consistent experience, unbiased summaries, and a wide range of news sources to gather information from.Overall, Concise AI is a valuable tool for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news in various fields, particularly those interested in Artificial Intelligence, Science, Technology, Business, and Economics.

The tool saves time and provides a simple summary of news content, making it suitable for busy individuals in these fields.

Concise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Daily summaries
Multiple fields coverage
Login feature
Accept/reject cookies
Ads personalization
Unbiased summaries
Consistent user experience
Wide news sources range
Targeted for busy individuals
Privacy policy available
Accessible video content
Consent withdrawal possibility


Requires sign up/login
Utilizes cookies
Dependent on user consent
Focuses on summaries only
No access to full articles
Requires consent renewal
Ads personalization
Potential privacy concerns
Withdrawal of consent affects functionality


What is Concise AI?
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Does Concise AI provide full-length articles?
Why does Concise AI use cookies and similar technologies?
Can I withdraw my consent to cookie use on Concise AI?
How does Concise AI personalize ads?
What will happen if I deny cookie use on Concise AI?
Does Concise AI bias its news summaries?
How does Concise AI save time for its users?
Can Concise AI be beneficial to users interested in Artificial Intelligence?
Does Concise AI offer news summaries in the field of Science?
Does Concise AI offer news from a wide range of sources?
How does the use of AI enhance my experience on Concise AI?
How does Concise AI ensure its summaries are unbiased?
Why should I choose Concise AI over reading full-length articles?
Does Concise AI provide news about Business and Economics?
Can I use Concise AI if I'm interested in Technology news?

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