Chat summaries 27 Mar 2023
Chat Summary for LiveChat
Summarized chat transcripts.

Generated by ChatGPT

The Chat Summary app is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify and accelerate your chat transcript analysis. Developed by SKlabs, it utilizes OpenAI's natural language processing technology to generate automated summaries of your chat transcripts.

By doing so, the app enables you to quickly review and comprehend chat transcripts' essential components without reading through the entire conversation history manually.

The app automatically generates summaries whenever a chat is archived, and you can also generate summaries manually from the app's Details section. A dedicated reports section allows you to view all the previously generated summaries, along with details such as chat ID, thread ID, chat transcript, and the number of tokens used for the summary.

The app gives you a token balance that determines the number of summaries you can generate. You can buy additional tokens if you run out of them. The Chat Summary app is entirely free to install and use and comes with 10k tokens.

The app is efficient, transparent, cost-effective, and accurate. The app saves time and effort, provides usage and monitoring transparency, and uses OpenAI's cutting-edge natural language processing technology to generate precise summaries.

The app is up-to-date with the latest natural language processing advancements and trustworthy. You can learn how to use and configure the app with your LiveChat account from the app tutorial and setup instructions.

You can reach out to the SKlabs support team for help, improvements, or new feature requests.

Chat Summary for LiveChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates chat summaries automatically
Manual summary generation option
Archive-generated summaries
Reports section for summaries
Provides chat ID details
Provides thread ID details
Technology updates regularly
SKlabs support team available
Free installation
10k free tokens
Extra tokens purchase option
Efficient and cost-effective tool
Accurate summaries
Usage and monitoring transparency
User-friendly tutorial
Setup instructions available
Request new features
Tracks tokens usage
LiveChat integration
Token balance tracking


Limited to LiveChat integration
Tokens needed for summaries
Additional tokens are paid
No multi-language support mentioned
Summaries only upon archiving
Manual summarization in specific section
Initial token limit of 10k
Summary precision depends on tokens
No bulk summary generation
No automatic token purchasing


What is Chat Summary?
How does Chat Summary work?
What technology does Chat Summary use?
How does Chat Summary summarize chat transcripts?
Is Chat Summary free to use?
What is the usage limit for generating summaries with Chat Summary?
What happens when Chat Summary runs out of tokens?
How can I manually generate summaries in Chat Summary?
What information does a Chat Summary report provide?
How can I purchase additional tokens for Chat Summary?
Is Chat Summary accurate?
How is Chat Summary kept up-to-date with advancements in AI?
Where can I learn how to use and configure Chat Summary?
How can I contact the SKlabs support team?
Can I suggest improvements or new features for Chat Summary?
Can Chat Summary generate an automated summary as soon as a chat is archived?
How is the token balance managed in Chat Summary?
Where can I view historical summaries with details in Chat Summary?
What are the different token bundles available for purchase in-app?
What data privacy practices does Chat Summary follow?

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