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Improved teamwork and knowledge exchange via chat.
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Struct Chat Platform is a knowledge-rich chat platform that enhances team communication and collaboration. Leveraging AI technology, it provides users with several helpful features.

One key feature is generative AI, where Struct generates titles, summaries, and resolution statuses for conversations. This feature injects context into discussions, saving users time by eliminating the need to sift through chat messages to determine relevance.

Additionally, a conversational AI interface is coming soon, further enhancing the platform's capabilities.Another notable feature is Vector Search, which combines full-text search capabilities with Vector Embeddings.

This allows users to establish thread similarities and perform efficient semantic searches across conversations. With this feature, finding specific information within discussions becomes easier and more reliable.Struct also generates SEO-optimized knowledge pages for each conversation.

These pages are designed to be easily referenced and rank well with search engines. This expands the searchability of documentation, making it simpler for users to find relevant information.The pricing plans for Struct Chat Platform are simple and transparent, with a free option available for unlimited users and threads from public channels.

There is also a paid plan that includes additional features such as unlimited threads, custom domains, community join links, and custom JavaScript code.Overall, Struct Chat Platform offers a robust set of AI-driven tools that make it easier for teams to generate knowledge, find information, and collaborate effectively within a chat-based environment.


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StructAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated conversation summaries
Contextual chat understanding
Vector Search capabilities
Semantic search across conversations
SEO-optimized knowledge pages
High searchability of documentation
Transparent pricing plans
Free option available
Unlimited users and threads
Custom domains for paid plan
Custom JavaScript code for paid plan
Community join links
Easily reference conversations
Efficient information retrieval
Thread similarities identification
Injects context into discussions
Saves time on chat browsing
Enhanced team collaboration
Can add to Slack
Can add to Discord


Limited thread access in free version
No available mobile app
No integrations mentioned besides Slack and Discord
Not possible to test future Struct Platform
No details on data security
SEO-optimized pages depends on conversation quality


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