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Automated updates of CRM for Sales.
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Swyft AI is an automated tool for updating CRM fields, specifically designed for Sales teams. The tool utilizes Artificial Intelligence to take notes during sales calls, summarize important information, generate a list of next steps, and update relevant CRM fields through a seamless integration with Salesforce.

Swyft's automatic updates save users a lot of time and prevent them from wasting hours manually updating their CRM at the end of the day. Swyft AI's features include a call summary that provides a perfect overview of the sales calls, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

The tool's automatic update of CRM fields helps improve data hygiene and keep Salesforce updated instantly. Swyft AI also has a structured data and context feature that automatically updates call notes and discusses next steps with relevant parties.

Furthermore, Swyft AI is available on Android and iPhone devices, making it easy for users to stay connected with their teams remotely.Swyft AI offers a complete solution for Sales teams of all sizes, and it comes with three different plans: Designer, Marketing, and Developer.

Each plan offers tools and resources catered to the specific needs of each team. Additionally, Swyft AI has a free Beta program, excellent customer support, and a troubleshooting guide.

Lastly, Swyft AI has received positive testimonials from users who saw significant productivity improvements due to the ease of use and customization options offered by the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Automated CRM updates
Designed for Sales teams
Seamless Salesforce integration
Time-saving features
Eliminates manual note-taking
Improves data hygiene
Structured data and context
Mobile friendly (Android, iPhone)
Different plans per team role
Free Beta program
Excellent customer support
Troubleshooting guide
Positive user testimonials
Customization options
Zoom compatibility
Instant CRM update post-call
Automatic next steps generation
Concentrated platform
Real-time call summaries


Limited to Salesforce integration
Only accessible on mobile
No desktop app available
Doesn't support video calls
No multi-language support
Lack of customizability
Specific to sales teams
No real-time transcription
No API for custom integrations
No free version available


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What facilities do different Swyft AI plans offer?
Does Swyft AI have a free Beta program?
How has Swyft AI improved productivity according to user testimonials?
How can Swyft AI help remote teams?
How does the Swyft AI platform ensure improvement in data hygiene?
What is structured data and context feature in Swyft AI?
How can I contact Swyft AI?
How can I book a demo for Swyft AI?
Does Swyft AI provide a troubleshooting guide?
How to become a partner with Swyft AI?
What are the terms of service and privacy policy of Swyft AI?
Where can I find instructions to setup and use Swyft AI?

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