Summaries 09 Dec 2022
Summarizing and answering web articles.

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SumUp is an AI-powered tool that assists in summarizing web articles. It automatically generates summaries, Q&As, comments, and discussion using the latest ML/NLP model.

The tool is designed to provide easy-to-understand and concise summaries of articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the main ideas and highlights of a piece of content.

SumUp can summarize articles by entering the article URL into the tool or by navigating to the Feeds page to find the latest articles. SumUp is created by Cowork AI, which is the developer of AI writing assistant WRITEUP as well.

WRITEUP is designed to help users write any text more easily by providing AI support and generating content that flows naturally and is easy to read. Users can experience WRITEUP's capabilities by clicking the provided link.

SumUp is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome. SumUp is a useful tool for anyone looking to save time and improve their reading comprehension by quickly generating summaries of articles.

Whether you are a student, researcher, journalist, or simply someone who enjoys reading, SumUp can help you digest the contents of articles more effectively.

SumUp's focus on generating a concise summary, Q&As, and enabling discussion breaks, makes it an excellent tool for anyone looking to streamline their reading process.

SumUp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates summaries automatically
Generates Q&As automatically
Enables comments and discussions
Helps understand articles quickly
Compatible with larger articles
Accessible via browser extension
Compatible with Google Chrome
Summarizes using article URLs
Feeds page for latest articles
From creators of WRITEUP
Aids in reading comprehension
Suitable for various user roles
Focuses on concise outputs
Streamlines reading process
Developer support
Browser extension availability
Integration with WRITEUP
Automatic content digestion
Time-saving tool
Improved content understanding


Chrome-only extension
No mobile version
Can't transcribe YouTube videos
No offline usage
No multilingual summaries
No API for integration
Depends on URL for summarization
Limited to web articles
No PDF or document support
Limited to publicly accessible articles


What is SumUp?
How does SumUp summarize web articles?
Does SumUp support Q&As, comments, and discussions?
How do I use SumUp to summarize a specific web article?
What is the Feeds page on SumUp?
Who created SumUp?
What is WRITEUP and how is it related to SumUp?
How do I use SumUp on Google Chrome?
Who would find SumUp useful?
Can SumUp help improve my reading comprehension?
Does SumUp only generate summaries or can it generate Q&As and enable discussions too?
How does SumUp make reading articles easier?
Where can I download the SumUp extension?
Does SumUp have an AI writing assistant?
Can I use SumUp to summarize articles from any website?
Is there a way to automate the summarization process with SumUp?
Is SumUp built utilizing the latest ML/NLP model?
Can SumUp assist in transcribing YouTube videos?
How often is SumUp updated?
Where are SumUp and its sister tool, WRITEUP, developed?

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