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SiteExplainer is an AI-powered web application designed to simplify and summarize the content of any website in a readable and straightforward format. The tool is useful for visitors who are unfamiliar with technical language or who want to quickly understand a website's content.

SiteExplainer uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze the content of a website and presents a summary of the main ideas and key points.

The summary eliminates corporate jargon and simplifies the language used on landing pages, enabling visitors to quickly identify the most relevant information on a website.

SiteExplainer is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and it is completely free to use. The website is open to sponsorships, and the maker of SiteExplainer appreciates donations to support the project.

SiteExplainer is powered by OpenAI and was built by Michael Chomsky. Visitors who have any feedback, suggestions, or questions can contact Michael through Twitter or email.

Any product can be featured on the site by sending an email to the provided address to discuss sponsorships and partnerships.


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