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Efficient browsing with page summaries and insights.
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SummariseGPT is a Chrome extension developed by Shadowfax Apps that aims to save users time and keep them informed while browsing the web. This powerful tool allows users to quickly extract key information from webpages by providing instant page summaries.

Using the latest GPT technology, SummariseGPT generates summaries in various formats such as TL;DR, Short, or Detailed, eliminating the need for lengthy reading sessions and enabling immediate understanding of the content.

Whether users are catching up on news, researching topics, or browsing blogs, SummariseGPT ensures they get the gist of the content without investing significant time.In addition to instant page summaries, SummariseGPT features an intuitive chat function that allows users to engage with webpages and extract valuable insights.

This chat feature provides instant answers to users' questions, eliminating the need to scour the internet for additional information or struggle to comprehend complex concepts.

By streamlining the web browsing experience, SummariseGPT saves users time and effort.Overall, SummariseGPT revolutionizes the way users consume online content by offering efficient and convenient access to information.

It unlocks more time for what truly matters while keeping users well-informed. This Chrome extension is designed to enhance productivity and provide a seamless browsing experience.


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SummariseGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Instant page summaries
Uses latest GPT technology
Offers various summary formats
Saves users significant time
Streamlines web browsing
Chat function for engagement
Intuitive interface
Improved comprehension
Designed for productivity
Applicable for news, blogs, research
Quick key information extraction
Supports real-time conversations
Eliminates lengthy reading sessions
Handles complex concepts
Detailed summary option
Instant answers in chat
Efficient access to information
Small size (1.67MiB)
Developed by Shadowfax Apps
Updated regularly


Only for Chrome browser
Limited to webpage content
Doesn't support other languages
Possible comprehension issues
No offline functionality
No mobile app version
Small user base
Can disrupt browsing layout
Depends on GPT technology
Can miss nuanced details


What is SummariseGPT?
What is the purpose of the SummariseGPT Chrome extension?
How does SummariseGPT save users time while browsing the web?
What is GPT technology and how does SummariseGPT utilize it?
In what formats does SummariseGPT provide page summaries?
What types of content can be summarized by SummariseGPT?
How does the chat function of SummariseGPT work?
How does SummariseGPT improve a user's browsing experience?
Can SummariseGPT provide instant answers to users' questions?
How does SummariseGPT enhance productivity?
How can I install the SummariseGPT extension on my Chrome browser?
Who developed the SummariseGPT extension?
How often is SummariseGPT updated?
What is the file size of the SummariseGPT extension?
Is SummariseGPT available in languages other than English?
Does SummariseGPT collect or use user data?
How does SummariseGPT ensure user privacy?
Are there any similar tools to SummariseGPT in the Chrome Web Store?
How successful is SummariseGPT rated by its users?
How can I contact the developers of SummariseGPT for support?

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