Summaries 06 May 2023
AI Text Assistant
Text summarization for productivity improvement.

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AI Text Assistant is an AI-powered tool that provides users with advanced text analysis and summarization features to enhance their productivity. Its key features include automatic text summarization, which allows users to summarize large texts in their preferred language within seconds, intelligent comment generation, which creates unique and high-quality comments related to the user's texts and emotion, customizable settings that allow users to adjust parameters such as text length and summary ratio to obtain the most suitable results for their needs, and personal API key usage, which enables users to connect to their OpenAI account for a more personalized experience.AI Text Assistant targets a wide range of users from content creators and writers to business analysts and managers, educators and teachers.

Its users can accelerate the writing process, summarize and analyze large amounts of text efficiently, strengthen content marketing strategies, speed up news compilation, develop better business strategies, and save time evaluating student work and organizing class materials.AI Text Assistant is available as a Google Chrome extension, and it offers a 3-day trial before users are required to purchase a one-time license for $9.99.

The application stores users' API keys securely with encryption to protect their privacy. However, users are advised to review OpenAI's privacy policies as AI Text Assistant is not responsible for any personal data they may handle during the use of their services.

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Pros and Cons


Automatic text summarization
Intelligent comment generation
Customizable settings
Personal API key usage
Secure API key management
Supports a variety of users
Google Chrome extension
3-day free trial
One-time license purchase
No personal data collection
Efficient large text handling
Aids in content marketing
Useful for news compilation
Assists in strategy development
Helps in student work evaluation
High-quality comment creation
Saving time for users
Support for various languages
Uses GPT-4 technology
Affordable licensing fee
Privacy protection
Supports academic research
Generates unique comments


Only available as Chrome extension
Performs no data collection
No available support options
Lack of multiplatform support
Closed set customization parameters
No offline function
English language restriction


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How can AI Text Assistant improve my productivity?
How much does AI Text Assistant cost?
Is there a trial version of AI Text Assistant?
How can I install the AI Text Assistant?
Is AI Text Assistant secure to use?
Does AI Text Assistant store my data?
What languages does AI Text Assistant support for text summarization?
How can AI Text Assistant assist educators and teachers?
How can AI Text Assistant be helpful for content creators and writers?
Can AI Text Assistant play a role in the decision-making process for business analysts and managers?
How secure is my API key with AI Text Assistant?
Does AI Text Assistant have any responsibility for personal data handled during the use of their services?
Is AI Text Assistant available for other browsers apart from Google Chrome?

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