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Meeting summaries and note-taking made automatic.
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Bubbles Notetaker is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and collaboration during meetings. It offers features such as recording, transcribing, and asynchronous follow-ups to ensure meetings stay on track, important insights are captured, and decisions are not rushed.

The tool integrates with Google Calendar, automatically transcribing meetings and generating AI-powered summaries with action items. However, it only supports signing in with work Google accounts.With Bubbles Notetaker, users can comment on recorded meetings using screen, camera, and text annotations, allowing for powerful follow-ups and focused discussions on specific parts of the video.

It also offers optional smart reminders to involve team members who couldn't attend the meeting, promoting confident collaboration across different time zones.The tool enables users to check-in on project timelines, action items, and next steps without interrupting their team, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

Ad-hoc questions can be resolved asynchronously, eliminating the need for lengthy calls and allowing users to follow up at their preferred time.Bubbles Notetaker facilitates collaboration with external stakeholders, such as clients, vendors, contractors, and agencies, without requiring them to sign up or install any complex in-house systems.

It allows users to asynchronously review designs, websites, documents, and applications by providing context through text, video, screen, and voice annotations.Overall, Bubbles Notetaker offers a comprehensive solution for improving meeting efficiency, collaboration, and communication in both remote and in-person settings.


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