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Helps revenue teams perform their best with transcription.
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Aimed at optimizing customer conversations, Laxis is an AI Meeting Assistant tailored to help revenue teams capture key insights from their interactions and perform better in various commercial capacities.

The tool uses an AI system to record, transcribe, and offer a precise distillation of salient points discussed during customer meetings, ensuring that no critical detail is left out.

The tool is beneficial to various professionals including sales, marketing, business development, project managers, and product & UX designers, as it helps in different areas such as market research, tracking portfolio notes, capturing customer requirements and activity, among others.Another significant feature of Laxis is its capability for integration across various platforms including video conferencing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems where upon it automatically inputs customer actions and activities.

It can auto-generate meeting summaries and follow-up emails and enable the users to save customer requirements, action items, and meeting summaries in your CRM in one-click.

Users can also extract relevant insights from individual or sets of meetings. With an inclusion of language preferences, Laxis supports multilingual interactions guaranteeing accurate real-time transcription of meetings and detailed record-keeping of multilingual interactions.

It further allows users to repurpose audio content like podcasts, webinars and meetings with just a click.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time transcription
Conversation tagging
Pre-meeting personalized templates
Post-meeting insight management
Extracts insights from meetings
Integration: Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams
One-click CRM updates
Auto-creates meeting summaries
Auto-generates follow-up emails
Captures customer requirements
Supports multilingual interactions
Repurposes audio content
Real-time transcription of multilingual meetings
Detailed record-keeping
Supports various professional roles
Optimizes customer conversations
Tracks portfolio notes
Automatically inputs customer actions
Automatically inputs customer activities
Analysis across individual or sets of meetings
Language preference feature
Award-winning transcription
Useful for sales, marketing, business development
Useful for project managers, product & UX designers


No offline functionality
Not open-source
Limited language support
No integration with non-popular platforms
Relies significantly on CRM systems
Requires high-speed internet for real-time transcription
Doesn't support transcription of video content
Accuracy of transcription not specified
No clear data security measures
Limited personalization options


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Can Laxis save customer requirements, action items, and meeting summaries in my CRM in one-click?
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