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Assisting virtual teams in meeting productivity.
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tl;dv is an AI-driven tool that helps teams increase their productivity and efficiency in virtual meetings. tl;dv records, highlights, edits, shares, and downloads moments from Google Meet and Zoom.

It also provides users with analytics to better understand the dynamics of their meetings. tl;dv offers a variety of use cases, such as recording online meetings for free, reducing time spent in meetings, having more effective meetings, sharing meeting insights faster, scaling recruiting and hiring, onboarding and training, amplifying the voice of the customer, improving transparency, collaborating across time zones, cross-functional collaboration, and following up effectively.

In addition, tl;dv can be used for roles such as UX/User Research, Hiring & Recruiting, Product Development, Sales, and Customer Success. It offers both a free and pro plan and provides a blog.

Users can also log in and try the tool for free.


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TL;DV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Records Google Meet and Zoom
Highlights key moments
Edits and shares clips
Downloads recordings
Provides meeting analytics
Reduces time spent in meetings
Amplifies customer voice
Improves transparency
Effective across time zones
Facilitates cross-functional collaboration
Facilitates effective follow-ups
Used in various roles
Free and Pro plans
Transcribes in 20+ languages
Creates user interview repository
Good for UX/User research
Integral for Hiring & Recruiting
Assists in Product Development
Essential for Sales
Enhances Customer Success
Supports seamless integration with platforms
Shares directly to workspaces
Contributes to remote collaboration
Assists in scale recruiting
Useful for onboarding & training
Easy to install and use
Searchable transcripts
Keyword search in calls
Video clipper feature
High-quality video and sound recording
Keyword searches in transcripts
Timestamps for key meeting moments
Compatible with collaboration platforms
Customisable and user-friendly interface
Cloud storage for meeting data
Immediate access to recordings
Sessions can be marked
Easily create meeting recaps
High-quality user support
Discerns speaker in transcriptions
Content easily shareable in ZenDesk
Reusable meeting summaries for Notion
One click exporting to Google Docs
Call moments directly sent to Slack
Meeting insights shared in Salesforce
Integration with HubSpot
Connects to Google Meet and Zoom
Free recording on Zoom and Google Meet


Only supports Google Meet and Zoom
Lacks native transcription languages support
Limited free plan
No API access
Limited roles identified
No mobile support
Limited integrations
Unavailable offline
No live transcription
Requires plugin installation


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