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Real-time support for tech meetings.
Generated by ChatGPT

Chadview is an AI-powered real-time meetings assistant designed to help individuals preparing for technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voice support.

The tool works by listening to users' Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls, and answering any questions asked instantly. It captures audio directly from users' browsers and continuously records conversations during the call.

When the user presses the "ASK" button, the tool reviews the previous 30 seconds of the conversation, identifies the question, and generates a suitable response in 3-4 seconds.Chadview's AI engine is powered by ChatGPT API, providing accurate answers to questions on programming, analytics, and math.

The tool can be used for various technical roles, including Backend, Product manager, Analyst, and more. Besides, it can access the user's CRM, communication channels to help navigate complex questions during technical sales calls, improving customer satisfaction and closing deals.Chadview also offers a 15-minute free trial, which users can use to practice on a Zoom call with friends and colleagues or any job interview on YouTube.

After the trial, the tool charges $5 for every 30 minutes of use, enabling the user to buy as many minutes as required for the interview. Users can join the Chadview community on Discord to receive customer support, provide feedback, and request new features.

In summary, Chadview is an AI-powered assistant that listens to users' technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voice support calls and provides them with accurate and relevant real-time answers, helping build their confidence and improve their chances of success.


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Chadview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time meeting assistant
Supports Zoom, Google Meet, Teams
Instant response to queries
Capable of identifying questions
Fast response generation
Applicable for various tech roles
Can access user's CRM
Helps in technical sales calls
Community support on Discord
15-minute free trial
Can be used for practice
Pay-as-you-use model
Records directly from browser
Chrome extension availability
Increases user confidence
Aids in job interviews
Enhances chances of success
Suitable for support teams
Aveneues for feedback and requests
Accuracy in multiple technical domains
Continuous recording during calls
Listening mode during interviews
Generates responses in 3-4 seconds
Integration with communication channels
Assists in resolving complex queries
Connects to past calls
Accesses internal documentation
Improves customer satisfaction
Well-streamlined for closing deals
Affordable pricing model
Suitable for back-end roles
Suitable for product managers
Suitable for analysts
Testing resources provided
Promotes efficient issue resolution
Browser-based audio capture


Per-minute pricing
Only analyzes last 30 seconds
Limited to specific platforms
Requires 'ASK' button activation
May overlook complex queries
Only supports English conversation
Answer accuracy reliant on ChatGPT
Limited to technical roles
No transcription service


What is Chadview?
How does Chadview work?
What platforms does Chadview support?
How does Chadview answer questions in real-time?
What type of questions can Chadview answer accurately?
What technical roles can benefit from using Chadview?
Can Chadview access my CRM and other communication channels?
How does Chadview help during technical sales calls?
What are the benefits of using Chadview for voice support?
How does the 15-minute free trial for Chadview work?
How much does Chadview cost after the free trial?
How can I join the Chadview community on Discord?
Can I request new features for Chadview on Discord?
Does Chadview require any browser extension for its operation?
What is the ChatGPT API and how it is utilized in Chadview?
How fast does Chadview generate responses?
Can Chadview help me prepare for job interviews on YouTube?
How confidential are my meetings and calls while using Chadview?
Can I use Chadview to improve my customer satisfaction in support calls?
What are the terms and conditions of using Chadview?

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