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Analyze emotions in remote video meetings.
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The Elevate App is a tool that brings emotional AI to video meetings, aiming to improve remote work by focusing on the human aspect. It is designed to assist teams, healthcare providers, educators, and others in understanding and analyzing emotional engagement during video calls.

Currently in Beta Access with a 30-day free trial, the app allows users to raise their emotional intelligence (EQ), track emotional engagement over time, and combat video call fatigue.One of the key features of the Elevate App is the generation of valuable and easy-to-understand reports, including Emotion Scores, which provide insights on emotions detected during video calls, such as happiness, surprise, anger, contempt, disgust, fear, and sadness.

Users can receive instant CSV data and an Excel report for each session, as reporting is customized and occurs immediately after each session.Installation of the Elevate App is quick and straightforward, requiring just a few clicks.

The app runs directly on the user's device, and it only needs to be installed by one user in the meeting. Elevate.AI, the company behind the app, aims to elevate video meetings with insights derived from human-centric AI.Note: The product image and availability details have been omitted to adhere to the word limit and avoid specifics subject to change.


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Pros and Cons


Analyzes emotions in video calls
Aims to improve remote work
Assists teams, educators, healthcare providers
Provides Emotional Scores on calls
Tracks emotional engagement over time
Fights video call fatigue
Generates instant CSV data
Generates subsequent instant Excel reports
Easy installation process
One user installation is enough
Generates reports after each session
30-day free trial
Runs directly on user's device
Customizable reporting
Supports human-centric remote work
Offers Beta Access
Improves emotional intelligence (EQ)
Detects various emotions
Quick report generation
Aids in understanding emotional engagement
Supports multiple users
Aims to elevate video meetings


Currently in Beta
Only one user installation
Limited emotion recognition
Instant csv data only
No user reviews
Requires Windows 10
x64 architecture only

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