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Emotion analysis for chat & virtual assistants.
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VERN AI is an emotion recognition tool that provides real-time analysis of emotions on a scale of intensity. It claims to be better, faster, and more accurate than sentiment analysis.

It offers integration with leading bot builders and can be used to add emotion to chatbots and virtual assistants. VERN AI is designed to power various applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, RPA, mental health tools, social listening, and human resource applications.

It can analyze marketing campaigns, public sentiment, and assist in content moderation.The tool distinguishes between distinct emotions such as anger, fear, love & affection, and sadness, instead of providing general mood analysis.

It promises game-changing accuracy and enables users to gain more insights from emotions. VERN AI provides an easy-to-use API and ML Ops solutions that respond in real-time.

It offers ready-made solutions through bots and custom software.The tool claims to be faster than other options like Watson, Azure, Google, or Algorithmia.

It provides a sample sheet of pre-scored analyses to ensure accuracy. VERN AI emphasizes the importance of moving beyond sentiment analysis and focusing on distinct emotions to achieve empathy.

It offers a step-by-step quick start guide for easy integration and provides 24/7 support. VERN AI has been chosen by Boise State University-GIMM Lab for a VR/AR app for children with autism.


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