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Building chatbots with custom data and website scraping.
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Chatbase is an AI chatbot building platform that enables users to quickly create a chatbot trained on their own data. It works by having users upload a PDF document containing the information they would like their chatbot to be trained on.

The chatbot is then created and can be accessed through a unique link. The current character limit is 1.2M characters, which is equivalent to a 600-700 page book.

The platform also supports GPT based chatbots that can understand any data given to them and answer questions related to it. In addition, users are able to submit a link to their website and the chatbot will scrape the text on it.

For more advanced integrations, users can contact the developer on Twitter.


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Chatbase was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trains on custom data
Supports website text scraping
PDF document data upload
Creates unique chatbot links
Supports 1.2M characters limit
600-700 page book equivalent
Supports GPT-based chatbots
Accessible developer contact
Advanced integration possibilities
Public chatbots available
FAQs for user queries
Demo option enabled
Creates information based chatbots


Only supports PDF upload
Web scraping not implemented
1.2M characters limit
Must contact developer for integrations
No direct API
Limited to text-based data
No multi-language support
Can't integrate Slack, Substack, Notion


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