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The AI Smart Chat Bot and Assistant is an app available on Google Play that enables users to communicate with Chat GPT, a smart AI chatbot. The app is designed to provide a wide range of content, including answering general questions about history, science, current events, and conducting conversations on various topics such as weather, news, and sports.

It can also provide personalized recommendations on products or services based on user input, perform simple tasks like setting reminders or scheduling appointments, and assist with customer service inquiries or technical support issues.Moreover, the app boasts an AI content generator feature that can produce engaging text based on user input, making it useful for projects or inspiring imagination.

It also offers two significant features called "Talk with AI" and "Image Generated by AI," which permits users to converse with AI in natural language and search images based on their input.

Besides, domain experts in legal, agriculture, travel, education, human resources, and other fields are available to assist users with specific inquiries, making this app a complete AI companion.Concerning data privacy and security, the developer states that no data is shared with third parties, and users can request that data be deleted.

Overall, the AI Smart Chat Bot and Assistant is a productivity app designed to be informative, helpful, and engaging, making it a useful tool for people who need fast and reliable access to information and services.


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Pros and Cons


Available on Google Play
Wide range content
Answers general questions
Conducts complex conversations
Provides personalised recommendations
Performs simple tasks
Assists with customer service
Technical support feature
Assists with domain-specific inquiries
Data privacy feature
Data deletion on request
Engaging and informative
Fast and reliable
50K+ downloads
Contains in-app purchases
Converses in natural language
Ingredients search feature
Supports language translation
Delivers personalized content
Writing support feature
Inspires imagination
Access to domain experts
Covers 45+ fields
Provides personal advice
Generates creative writing
Generates jokes
Translates multiple languages
Data is encrypted
Updated frequently


No iOS version available
Contains ads
Requires in-app purchases
Limited domain experts
Translation capability limitations
Not suitable for all questions
Restricted image generator
Personalized recommendations limited


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Can AI Smart Chat Bot help in searching images based on user input?
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